Food Advertising Tips and Tricks 

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Food advertising is all about presenting the most delectable preparations though in reality it might be a very simple meal, with the intention of tempting people to buy.

The idea behind advertising food is to conceal or only partially disclose the hard facts about a food item and attribute qualities to it which may actually not be true at all. Food manufacturers advertise in a manner that shows their products to be different from all others in that segment and hence improve their sales. Some of the tricks they can use are listed below.

Tricks for Food Advertising

Tempting pictures - The first that attracts a reader’s attention is the picture of a mouth watering product. Hence food manufacturers have to ensure that they use the best photography skills and “dress up” the product to look tempting. There are now food “stylists” who are like make-up artists for food, transforming even the most insipid product into a tempting delicacy.

Catchy jingles - Food and music have a good connection. A catchy jingle turns all eyes towards a commercial, and the music forces viewers to see the advertisement till the end. Repeated viewing will actually tempt them to buy the food product.

Labels on packages - Though traditionally not considered part of advertising, food labels are mandatory and it is an advertising gimmick to present information in a manner that the least beneficial ingredients appear in miniscule amounts.

Depicting fun – All advertisements both as commercials on the screen or as newsprint depict fun and joyful activities along with the food product, which appeal to individuals caught in stressful environments. The ambience provides the right impact.

Characters that appeal - Most food companies try to rope in a character like a movie star, a sports personality or a cartoon character since the masses relate to him, and his endorsement of a brands adds to the appeal.

Tempting Pricing - Irrespective of the actual price, the advertised price is always one that actually tempts potential customers. The price may be of a very small quantity but it attracts attention and lures people to the counter.

Offer A FREE Sample - Give potential customers a product for free so they can try out.

Food advertising involves millions of dollars and is based on the principle of presenting the truth selectively to lure consumers to buy the products being advertised.

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