Advertising Techniques Then And Now

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There has been a monumental change in advertising techniques since electronics have become such a powerful force in everyday life.

Internet advertising, email advertising, affiliate marketing, social marketing, and mobile marketing are just a few of the new marketing methods. They are instantaneous and innovative and can reach vast audiences, which means they open up enormous advertising possibilities for small businesses.

Even with all these changes, the traditional advertising venues of radio, television, and newspapers have not lost their value. With more work to do to run a business and more competition than ever before, small businesses are wise to include a mix of old and new methods of advertising in their marketing mix.

Broadcast Media

The motion, light, colours, and sound of television grab viewers’ attention and enhance the credibility of an ad’s message.

Television captures people when they are attentive, when they are watching something that interests them.

Television reaches a broad audience in a short amount of time. Small, local businesses can advertise on local stations to reach their target audience.

Even though it is limited to sound, radio appears to have greater impact than other advertising techniques. It is ideal for small, local businesses because it can reach a targeted local audience again and again. Radio advertising is entertaining, creative, and much less expensive than television.

Print Media

The public still looks to newspapers for advertisements. Historically newspapers were the first option for business advertising, and they are still among the best places for small businesses advertising.

Daily newspapers offer the broadest coverage and repetition. However, weekly neighbourhood publications are less expensive and provide excellent exposure in a limited geographic area. Businesses can also save money and reach their customers by advertising in local editions of daily papers.

Mixing Old And New Advertising Techniques

Advertising through new media and through traditional broadcast and print media complement one another. For example, including a web address in a newspaper or radio ad brings together the virtual and the brick and mortar.

Small business success depends on a multi-faceted marketing strategy that reaches out to customers through many different types of advertising channels.

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