How to Increase Sales through Low Cost Advertising

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Low cost advertising

Techniques have emerged as viable alternatives, and yield the same results in terms of sales and profits.

Advertising is an essential part of every business since it is the only way to spread word about the business among a large audience. There are many ways of advertising most of which entail huge expenses which can eat into the lean profit margins of small businesses. Most advertising takes place through the media be it newspapers and magazines, radio and television, all of which often come with a big invoice. It is only with the popularity of the internet that other options have become available many of which come with a minimal expense.

Media Related Low Cost Advertising Tips

The print media and audio visual media like radio and television are still popular as the biggest news carriers. Though they do not come free of charge, advertising in these is still very low as compared to big brand launches and promotional events.

  • Newspapers and magazines- Though one of the oldest advertising methods, these still help to create awareness about a business.
  • Press Releases- Newsworthy press releases about the business can be distributed to newspapers and local magazines for publishing. A catchy headline and good content will ensure a higher readership, which will get to know about the business.
  • Yellow Pages- Despite the invasion of the internet, the average consumer holds the yellow pages sacred for all local business enquiries. Advertising in these will catch the consumer’s attention.
  • Promoting social causes- With growing awareness about social problems any support for a social cause will help to bring a positive feedback for the business and lure customers from the group supporting the cause.
  • Networking- Networking is a free and direct method of advertising. It simply involves interacting with a large group of people and establishing a rapport to such an extent that they spread word about your business to their friends. This requires only an investment of time and effort to build goodwill, and has been found to yield rich results in smaller places in particular.

Online Advertising Techniques

Advertising would be incomplete without any online effort, since that would open the doors to a global clientele and take business beyond borders.

Create a website and use newsgroups

  • Creating a website helps to establish an online presence and this can be popularized through newsgroups related to the business. The website may cost a small amount but whether it caters to a hundred people or a million the expense remains the same.
  • Pay-per-click is a great way to advertise through search engines, for example through Google Adwords, which comes at a low expense. A contact number and the website link need to be included.
  • Advertising on high traffic websites helps to popularize the business with a minimal expense.
  • Online forums are the right place to make people aware about a business and this comes at no expense since membership is free.
  • All these low cost advertising methods can help the business grow in leaps and bounds.

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