Small Business Email Marketing Tips

Sydney, Australia.

Small business email marketing is one of the most inexpensive methods of promotion to a much larger audience. It makes perfect sense for a small business with a limited budget.

However, newer challenges like spamming prevent mails from reaching the targeted clientele, and therefore it is important to use the right techniques for sales promotion through emails.

Email marketing has a proven track record of promoting businesses online and ensuring higher sales and profits. Small businesses using email marketing as a technique to promote sales have found that their increase in sales combined with lower costs helps to raise profits substantially.

Email marketing is a direct marketing technique which enables personalized communication with potential customers and helps to share information they may be looking for. Emails sent to a targeted audience are more successful in increasing sales.

Tips for Successful Small Business Email Marketing

1. Start to collect contact details of everyone coming at your door.

2. Send mails that people want to open, read and act upon- With spamming and loads of junk mail found in inboxes, chances are that your email may not even be opened and be deleted. The biggest challenge is to create an email with a title/subject that people will wish to open, read and take action subsequently. AN email will stand out among others if its subject line is short and informative about something that interests the reader.

3. Make an impact in a few seconds- The attention span of most people online is short and they will click away if the content is not interesting and beneficial in some way. Therefore before starting on the email marketing path, try to write emails with an ‘irressistable subject line’ that will make an impact in those few seconds.

4. Simple and elegant design and highly legible font- The email must be designed well to look elegant rather than loud and the font should be easy to read. Many people try to reduce font size to pack more information and the reader loses interest since he has to strain his eyes to read the fine print.

5. Mobile device friendly- Most people nowadays read their mails on their smart phones or PDAs. Therefore emails must look appealing even on the small screens, with less width.

6. Content must be rich with information- The most crucial element of an email is the content, which has to be rich in information with being boring and adding to the reader’s knowledge. If it adds value, the targeted audience will look forward to getting more emails.

7. Avoid the frills- Adding audio or video clips can be avoided, though some pictures may be added if necessary. Eloquent use of language, long introductions etc are all avoidable.

8. No sales pitch since the email is not an advertisement- Soliciting customers subtly is better than making emails sound like advertisements which make a direct sales pitch.

9. Send emails only to those who subscribe to them- emails must reach a targeted audience to be effective. Subscribers obviously have an interest in the products and services offered by the small business and probability of their buying is higher.

Small businesses using email marketing techniques stand to gain immensely since they earn customers with minimal expense, and an effective small business email marketing campaign can ensure that they keep returning for more.

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