Small Business Marketing Consultant 

Sydney, Australia.

My name is Anthony Lam. I'm a small business marketing consultant, based in Sydney, Australia.

It is my aim to immediately and massively grow your online or offline business within 90 days or less.

Following the philosophy and strategies of Peter Sun's Better Business Institute (BBI):

  • Over 2,365 businesses have used this system over the past 17 years in Australia and overseas.
  • Over $27.5 million in research has been spend testing these strategies in the marketplace and results monitored and recorded.
  • Over 3,200 ads, marketing campaigns and sales methods have been looked at and analysed.

The strategies you get are based on documented tests and data collected from the $27.5 million spent from the most successful campaigns and businesses.

I work with a BBI 8 Step Profit Growth System that has proven its power over and over again. No matter what your business is, I can help you.

  • I use recession proof, low or NO cost strategies.
  • Usually giving 45-60% increase in new customers and profits in less than 90 days.
  • And create a system to expand, sell or franchise your business for more profit.
  • Get more customers and fast cash flow!!
  • And yet incredibly powerful and effective marketing strategies system to maximise profits in a minimum time.

So if you have good products and service, but lack the systems to

  • maximising enquiries to your business
  • maximising coversion % to sale
  • maximising average sale value
  • maximising x repeat sales per year per customer
  • maximising x gross profit %

MBC Profit Growth System. What is it? In a nut shell. - A Time Tested Method To increase the number of customers sales, and profits...Fast!

Whether you're just starting out, buy, sell or in a business and is looking for ways to maximising your sales and profits,

contact me today.
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