Making Your Small Business Marketing Strategy Work

Sydney, Australia.

What's the right small business marketing strategy for you? Small businesses need to use the best but inexpensive marketing tools to ensure success in the highly competitive market. They have to work towards maximizing returns and building a competitive advantage through their limited marketing budgets.

The right marketing strategies can be developed by keeping in mind the external and internal environment and building a marketing plan that will spearhead their implementation.

With the internet redefining the marketplace and resources needed to get noticed, small businesses can grow to be successful with the right small business marketing strategy.

The important first step is to create the right conditions for making the marketing strategy successful.

Conditions For The Success Of Marketing Strategies

  • Create an online presence. There is a global marketplace available today and making your small business popular is relatively easy. This involves having a website, that is well designed, appealing, easy to navigate, and informative. This also facilitates the use of internet marketing strategies like email marketing, posting articles on websites and blogs, which have keyword rich content and so on. The principle idea is to make it easier for search engines to find your website. A recommended tool to make it all work for you is Solo Build It!.
  • Join social networks. This is also linked to the internet and the networking options it presents. Social networks have taken the world by storm with old and new associations getting formed for mutual benefit. Since information is shared so freely and easily, joining social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others will help to go “viral” with the right messages and information.
  • Having the right mission. Every business has a mission or purpose. When this points in the right direction a marketing strategy can be evolved along similar lines. Lack of focus on the part of the business can push marketing endeavors on the downslide as well.
  • Having clear cut goals for growth and innovation. The small business may have big plans in which growth targets and innovations figure distinctively. Having them clearly defined and developing marketing strategies to achieve them makes more sense than the other way round.
  • Use the ideal customer profile. The small business needs to create a profile of an ideal customer and work towards reaching out to him. This will help in following the right track to marketing success.

Successful Marketing Strategies

  • Using the four P’s for marketing. These include product, price, place and promotion. The product being promoted by the small business needs to be standardized for acceptability, and tempting enough for a first try by potential customers.

The price has to be highly competitive, since a lower price is a temptation difficult to resist. The place has to be receptive to the product, that is, people must need the product being offered. Promotion helps to communicate with prospective customers and make them aware about your product.

  • Using partnerships. Small businesses can ride piggy back on an established business and take advantage of its clientele and network.
  • Building and expanding a customer list. This is the most important part of successful marketing since customers have to be kept for a first sale and subsequent sales as well.

Small businesses face a market where everything has changed and old systems and models no longer hold. Their survival depends on a well thought out and well planned strategy that is also well implemented.

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