Small Business Marketing In Today’s World

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Smart small business marketing can make the difference between business success and business failure.

Not too many years ago marketing your business meant putting an ad on TV and in the newspaper. While TV, radio, and print media are still important parts of a marketing mix, they are by no means the only outlets for promoting your business.

In addition to the new media outlets, there is a new method to marketing in today’s fast-paced consumer environment. You might call it attraction rather than promotion. Instead of a hard sell, businesses draw prospects and gain their trust by giving them information and assistance. Marketing today is first and foremost about building relationships.

Modern Marketing Tools

A website is critical for any business that wants to markets its goods or services and expand its customer base. To keep prospects coming back the website must be pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. Plus, it cannot be static; fresh information draws people back again and again, which is how relationships form.

Social networking sites are no longer just for socializing; they provide small businesses with outstanding opportunities to connect with other businesspeople and with prospective customers. Small business marketing uses social media to create expanding networks of contacts that allow businesses to reach many thousands of people almost instantaneously.

Email marketing is part of direct marketing. Every time a business sends a message to its target audience, that’s email marketing. Emails may advertise specific goods or services; they may also serve the purpose of developing relationships and strengthening customer loyalty.

Mobile (or wireless) marketing involves communicating with an audience through a mobile device or network. Mobile marketing typically involves sending messages to personal mobile devices, but it can also involve advertising on websites specifically designed for access by mobile devices.

Marketing Campaigns

A marketing campaign involves a strategic mix of marketing methods tailored for a specific business. It takes into account a number of key elements, including competition, audience, message, and budget.

Each media outlet, whether it’s TV, print, or electronic media, requires a different marketing approach. There’s both a science and an art to small business marketing. Done right, a diversified marketing campaign can have a profound positive effect on the bottom line.

Coordinate ads

If you can't afford to run an ad in your daily paper at all, start with your subscription-based, weekly neighborhood publications.

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