SMEs struggle to compete

Sydney, Australia.

Posted Date: 05/05/2011
By Inside Retailing

Almost 40 per cent of Australian small businesses don't have a website in today's digital era.

According to new research released today by Sensis, when it comes to digital marketing, many SMEs are at risk of falling behind their larger competitors.

Given only 17 per cent of Australian small businesses have a digital strategy, it is no surprise that a staggering 40 per cent of them don't have a website, and only 14 per cent have a presence on social media - compared to 50 per cent of larger businesses.

Kim Van Prooyen, Yellow Pages Driving Your Business ambassador, said: "From online shopping to consumer reviews, the digital world presents huge opportunities for businesses of all sizes, yet it is a complex landscape which presents something of a digital dilemma for many SMEs.

"They want to embrace this new world but understandably in many instances they just aren't sure how to tackle it," Van Prooyen said.

"Through Driving Your Business campaign, we want to show our support of Australia's SMEs by helping to unlock the power of digital marketing and proving it isn't just for larger businesses. There is a lot that small businesses can - and should - be doing online to successfully compete in this space and drive more customers through their doors."

A lack of experience in the digital field seems to be at the root of the problem for Australia's SMEs. While nearly three quarters (74 per cent) of large companies in Australia employ a marketing department to manage their social media presence, it's a luxury that only one in ten small businesses invest in.

"SMEs don't necessarily need a dedicated marketing manager to manage their digital strategy, but seeking advice from peers and third-parties can be invaluable. The digital landscape is changing all the time.

"Ultimately, there is no one size fits all approach, but understanding the range of digital channels, and how consumers are using them, is the best place to start.

"We hope the Driving Your Business series sheds real insight into the range of tools at their disposal."

The Driving Your Business series kicks off with a free SME seminar in Brisbane on May 17, before moving on to Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney throughout May and June.

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