What Makes A Good Telemarketing Script?

Sydney, Australia.

Do you need a telemarketing script? Telemarketing helps to convert prospective clients into actual customers through phone conversations.

This inexpensive and result oriented marketing tool addresses specific needs of potential customers and through clever crafting of it, convinces them how their small business can fulfill those needs.

The script will help to make the first impression positive despite lack of face-to-face contact.

Telemarketing can be successful only if the telemarketer can speak correctly, clearly and fluently, without fumbling or getting stuck.

This is facilitated by a prepared script that can please the listener and make an impact.

Small businesses can have a large impact with a good, well written and impressive telemarketing script.

A few essentials for the script include:

  • Simple, easy to understand language - A person receiving a call will listen only if he can understand what is being said by the caller, or he will hang up. So it is imperative to use simple language.
  • Personalise - Nothing appeals to the customer more than hearing his name from a stranger. It gives a sense of familiarity and the telemarketer can start on a positive note.
  • Impressive first sentence - This makes the initial impression and is equivalent to a charming smile from a stranger standing in front.
  • Earnest, sincere and enthusiastic - The script must be written in a manner that gives the impression of sincerity and earnestness about the small business, and enthusiasm of the telemarketer pleases the customer. Know the local culture and use the appropriate language for this.
  • Reason for calling and the product on offer - After a brief introduction it is best to come straight to the point-namely, the reason for calling and the product being offered.
  • Prove that your business is the best - The customer must be made to feel that he is being offered the best product and the telemarketing script must establish the expert credentials with the right use of words.
  • How the product can transform the customer experience - This helps to convince the customer why he needs to buy the product.
  • The final statements - these must include a call to action, perhaps a time-bound benefit in the form of a discount, some contact details, and a confirmation, before ending the call with a thank you.

A good script translates into a good telemarketing results. It may take a long time to craft the final, successful script by constantly monitoring statements that please or displease customers.

So research, observation and verification are needed in the script that needs talent and expertise to impress and evoke an instant positive response, which in this case would mean a sale.

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