How A Telemarketing Service Can Help Your Business

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A telemarketing service is a quick and affordable method to contact prospective customers directly over the phone and subsequently even face-to-face to convince them to buy a product or service.

Telemarketing is a commonly used direct marketing technique and is also referred to as inside sales or telesales.

Besides talking directly, recorded sales talk programmed to be played over the phone through automated dialling, is also used.

As a highly successful interactive marketing tool, telemarketing is used by companies to push sales higher by directly contacting customers.

Telemarketing Service Benefits

  • Provides direct feedback from the customer.

  • Is a powerful and cost effective marketing tool, since the only expense involved is the telemarketers salary and the phone bills.
  • The only advertising tool which yields immediate results.
  • It brings a captive audience in its fold as soon as the phone is answered since the call receiver has no choice but to listen.
  • Helps to expand the business through higher sales.
  • Promotes non-stop selling 24 hours a day with no office timings.
  • Helps to expand the sales territory further.

Telemarketing Service For Small Businesses

Small businesses have high sales aspirations but limited marketing budgets to accomplish them.

Using a cost effective and inexpensive marketing tool like telemarketing makes perfect sense to achieve sales and provide superior customer service, with the aid of the two principal types of telemarketing-namely, inbound and outbound.

Inbound telemarketing largely covers customer service aimed at increasing efficiency of this direct marketing technique.

Outbound telemarketing includes sales calls, upgrading of sales orders and build retail traffic by soliciting appointments for sales staff.

How Small Businesses Can Use Telemarketing

  • Do-it-yourself – Ringing up prospective clients to familiarise them with your new products, new services or a promotion is a way of making them aware about your small business.

This could be business-to-business or business-to-customer whose contact details are in directories and even online. Gradually as work increases, you can employ one or more telemarketing professionals to make calls to a list of people.

The list can include:

  1. Present customers
  2. Past clients
  3. Contacts received through references
  4. Getting leads
  • Hiring telemarketing firms - Telemarketing companies specialise in providing this service to clients and with their trained personnel can help small businesses get more customers. With well prepared texts and time tested skills they sell your business perfectly.

It is possible to find small and large companies to hire, depending on the budget assigned for the purpose. Call centres are also available to handle both inbound and outbound telemarketing.

Tips For Successful Telemarketing

  • Understanding consumer behaviour - It is important to know how people think and act and use this to make the best sales pitch.
  • Using the best sales skills - Understanding the sales process helps to write the sale script for telemarketing and use the call to make the best sales pitch.
  • Telephone etiquette - This helps to create a good impression and create a positive selling base.
  • Communication skills - This helps to create a good rapport when each can understand the other’s perspective.
  • Lead generation through telemarketing - Getting leads from one telesales call helps in expanding the prospective client list
  • Seeking appointments - Telemarketing helps to get an appointment for a one-to-one meeting.

Small businesses stand to gain all and lose nothing from this inexpensive marketing tool that has shown positive results for businesses worldwide.

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